Announcement: ARG Museum, and how YOU can contribute

August 16th, 2011 by Jonathan Waite Leave a reply »

It’s almost here! ARGFest-o-Con 2011 is mere HOURS away and we have one more announcement to make. Actually, we have an announcement from 4D Fiction to share.

This year… 4D Fiction will be officially curating the ARG Museum. This element of ARGFest is a place where creative artifacts and ‘swag’ incorporated into various campaigns and artful projects are put out for display for the fest attendees. It’s an opportunity for everyone to check out the work others have put into extending their storyworld tangibly into our reality, and perhaps for some aspiring puppetmasters and artists to gain some inspiration from others’ works.

It gets even better, as Geoff May, the man behind 4D Fiction, has incorporated QR Codes and extended details into each display, available by scanning the codes on a smartphone. There will also be a trivia question for each display, and players of this unique challenge will be rewarded for correctly answering trivia questions (and bonus points if they get it right the first time!).

The top 3 scoring (and present) attendees by Saturday lunch will win first choice of any of a selection of books to take home that were on display. At the time of this writing, the selection will include: “This Is Not A Game: A Guide to Alternate Reality Gaming”, by Dave Szulborski; “This is Not A Game”, by Walter Jon Williams; “House of Leaves”, by Mark Z. Danielewski; “Codes, Ciphers, Secrets and Cryptic Communication”, by Fred B. Wrixon.

Geoff has gone above and beyond his duties as curator to create this challenge for ARGFest-o-Con Attendees, and he needs the help of those coming for the event:

If you’ll be in attendance at ARGFest this year, we’d love to have you help the museum by bringing any past ARG related items you may have to be included in the museum display. Every year it’s been a collection from numerous community members and puppet masters. The more items brought in to help populate the museum, the wider a variety of content and experience we have as a whole.

For more information as to how to get a hold on Geoff, please see his original post at 4D Fiction. We at ARGFest-o-Con 2011 are very thankful to Geoff and can’t wait to see this ARG Museum in action!

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