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ARGFest-o-Con 2011 would not be possible if not for the generosity of our sponsors.

Remix Fiction
Gold Sponsor
Stitch Media
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Dog Tale Media
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No Mimes Media
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Fourth Wall Studios
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Bloomington CVB
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Studio Cypher
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StoryWorld Conference
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TV Tropes
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For information on how you can sponsor ARGFest-o-Con 2011, please contact us.

Announcement: ARG Museum, and how YOU can contribute

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It’s almost here! ARGFest-o-Con 2011 is mere HOURS away and we have one more announcement to make. Actually, we have an announcement from 4D Fiction to share.

This year… 4D Fiction will be officially curating the ARG Museum. This element of ARGFest is a place where creative artifacts and ‘swag’ incorporated into various campaigns and artful projects are put out for display for the fest attendees. It’s an opportunity for everyone to check out the work others have put into extending their storyworld tangibly into our reality, and perhaps for some aspiring puppetmasters and artists to gain some inspiration from others’ works.

It gets even better, as Geoff May, the man behind 4D Fiction, has incorporated QR Codes and extended details into each display, available by scanning the codes on a smartphone. There will also be a trivia question for each display, and players of this unique challenge will be rewarded for correctly answering trivia questions (and bonus points if they get it right the first time!).

The top 3 scoring (and present) attendees by Saturday lunch will win first choice of any of a selection of books to take home that were on display. At the time of this writing, the selection will include: “This Is Not A Game: A Guide to Alternate Reality Gaming”, by Dave Szulborski; “This is Not A Game”, by Walter Jon Williams; “House of Leaves”, by Mark Z. Danielewski; “Codes, Ciphers, Secrets and Cryptic Communication”, by Fred B. Wrixon.

Geoff has gone above and beyond his duties as curator to create this challenge for ARGFest-o-Con Attendees, and he needs the help of those coming for the event:
» Read more: Announcement: ARG Museum, and how YOU can contribute

Speaker Announcement: Marie Lamb

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When we think about ARGFest-o-Con, we tend to think about the people we meet, and the experiences we share. Many people (myself included) have met Marie Lamb in person at the many ARGFest-o-Cons she has attended and worked tirelessly behind the scenes at. We are doubly fortunate that Marie is once again volunteering her precious time in helping plan the event, and that she is also going to be part of a very special panel discussion looking back at The Beast.

Marie is a founding partner of Dog Tale Media, a full-service transmedia company that creates custom campaigns, solutions, and community building for businesses looking to branch out from the traditional. She has been involved in alternate reality gaming since her days as a Cloudmaker and player, and quickly moved to the other side of the curtain to work on games such as the award-winning World Without Oil. She is a forum administrator at Unfiction.com, an Associate Editor at ARGNet, and is on the directing committee for ARGFest-O-Con.

We’re officially in the home stretch for registrations, and we’ve recently updated our schedule, so if you haven’t yet registered, what’s stopping you?

Schedule Update

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It’s unbelievable to think that ARGFest-o-Con 2011 will be starting in eight days! We’re happy to announce that we have finalized our schedule of events, which can be viewed in detail on our Schedule page. For those that like summarized details, here goes:

Thursday, August 18: The Kick-Off Party starts at 6:30 pm and features a fun experience called The Wisconsin Hustle by our friends at Awkward Hug.

Friday, August 19: We welcome our attendees shortly before conference sessions begin at 9:30 am. As sessions end at or around 4:30 pm, people can leave to get gussied up for the Keynote Dinner, which starts at 6:00 pm and features J.C. Hutchins as our keynote speaker.

Saturday, August 20: Festival sessions start at 9:30 am and include documentary screening sessions with Steve Diddle and Jeromy Barber, as well as a number of presentations in the conference area. After lunch, everyone in attendance is welcome to participate in FestQuest, and we’re also partnering with the people behind the Bloomington Independent Games Night for a special afternoon session at 3:00 pm.

We’re counting down the days, and hope you are too! If you haven’t yet registered, time is running out, so get over to our registration page to sign yourself up for what is certain to be another fantastic event.

Speaker Announcement: Rob Jagnow

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Every year at ARGFest-o-Con people get to meet new faces, whether they be players professionals in the field. This year, one of the new faces we’re going to get to know is Rob Jagnow, who you might know through his involvement with the Portal 2 ARG.

Dr. Rob Jagnow is the Founder and CEO of Lazy 8 Studios, LLC. As is typical at a small studio, this means wearing a lot of hats, including those of the game designer, programmer, writer, financial analyst, marketing guru and custodian.

Rob finished undergraduate degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics at Texas Tech University in 1998 and then went on to complete his Ph.D. at MIT, where he focused on computer graphics. During that time, Rob spent two summer interning at Pixar, where he learned valuable lessons about storytelling and design. Before starting his own company, Rob spent a year at Demiurge Studios in Boston where he worked on several AAA titles, including Medal of Honor: Airborne, Frontlines: Fuel of War and the Brothers in Arms series.

Lazy 8’s flagship game Cogs has earned a number of awards, including the grand prize in the professional category at the 2010 Indie Game Challenge. Earlier this year, Cogs was one of 13 games that partnered with Valve to create an ARG that preceded the launch of the hit game Portal 2. Lazy 8’s latest project is Extrasolar, an ARG-inspired game that seeks to blur the line between fantasy and reality.

Time is running out on our regular registration rate, so get registered and be there when Rob and the rest of our stellar line-up of presenters and speakers rock the house.

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